Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 4 – Health

Despite what the propaganda might say both vegan and omnivorous diets have their strengths and weaknesses but if we compare the two like for like, which is most beneficial to health?
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  • kinetica bcaa hydro fuel

Kinetica launch New BCAA Hydro Fuel

New BCAA Hydro Fuel from Kinetica is an intra-workout supplement, providing over 7,000mg of BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio serving, designed to maximise training intensity and enhance performance...
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Perform Raw Plant Protein

In 2016, the world of protein powders is changing fast. Whether it be for ethical, health, or dietary preferences, more and more people are switching their whey protein shakes for...
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  • Chocolate Shake

Preventive healthcare stokes amino acid demand

Health conscious consumers opt for fortified foods...
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  • Asian Amino Acids Market

Asia-Pacific amino acid market builds

Manufacturers tailor to regions...
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  • Davisco highlight protein benefits for a lifetime

Davisco highlight lifetime benefits of whey protein

Leucine triggering plays vital role...
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  • Mckenzie Jayne, Fitness Model and Ambassador for Liftag Sport

Liftag Sport introduce ULift Pre-Workout at FIBO

Dynamic energy formulas...
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  • Crickets used to make protein bars

Making protein bars from insects

Interview with cricket protein kickstarter Gabriel Lewis...
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  • Mai Nygaard, Global Product Manager, Peptan, Rousselot - Slider

Rousselot gets active with Peptan

Benefits more than skin deep...
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  • Phanin Leksrisompong PhD, Director of Business Development, Davisco

Davisco talk BiPro and protein quality

Not all proteins are created equally...
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